The more hands-on experience a consultant has, the more competent (s)he is.

Our solutions are based on many years of practical experience and developed for your individual situation. We are able to support you and your organization actively in the implementation of actions. Measurability of results and sustainability are an important part of our work. The Glocal-Team is internationally experienced; we know about the situation in headquarters as well as local specifics in different countries.


  • Many years in (senior-) management
  • In large and mid-sized companies
  • Sales/Marketing/Product management / R&D
  • Certified trainers, coaches and change management consultants


  • Several decades in international business
  • Overseas experience in all continents
  • 1 decade in China
  • Several years in the USA and France
  • Leading and part of international teams

Our Values

  • Tailored Solutions
  • Competence through experience
  • International
  • Sustainable