You notice that you could do better in the international organization. We help to analyze the issue and suggest solutions.

„G-Local“: Global Similarities, Local Differences

We consult you based on many years of experience in headquarters as well as in local companies in which cases it is necessary to use global strategies and where it makes sense to adapt the strategy locally.

Typical issues:

  • Should we us a global or a localized company strategy?
  • Global, local or regional sales approach?
  • Product features: global or local?


The assessments give you insight on different issues e.g. the quality of interfaces, the cooperation of different units, attitudes of involved people, cultural challenges. Barriers, blockades, frictions and inefficiencies are brought to the surface.

We analyze the qualification and positioning of your employees and management by implementing assessments and provide recommendations for future development.

Tailored Solutions

Based on the findings we offer you tailored, practical solution proposals. These are aligned with the most important stakeholders and the implementation is based on an agreed approach.