Is the international orientation of your staff not able to keep up with the global growth pace of your company? We help to close the gaps

Intercultural Competency

Working successfully in an international environment requires intercultural competency. We offer assessment tools for testing, trainings, and coaching, to develop intercultural competency.

Preparing for Delegations

Preparing delegates for the new environment professionally as well as everyday life is especially important to allow a successful transition. We support with coaching and training.
The preparation of managers for leading in the new environment is part of our portfolio as well.

Accompanying ‚Impats‘

Delegating employees from subsidiaries all over the world to the headquarter for a defined time frame has become a necessity due to globalization. We can help you with coaching and intercultural trainings to integrate the ‘impats’ better in your organization.


Many returnees experience an inverse culture shock after coming back to the home country. Targeted support by coaching gives the retournees orientation. It is also not unusual to experience a degree of disorientation regarding the own career; career coaching can help to find direction.